Summer Menu


Bell Pepper &cherry tomatoes salade with basil & anchovy sauve 58
Sardine Siniyah; Fresh Sardine’s, Summer Tomatoes, and arak 60
Endive salade ,arugula,wall nuts, & figs in a honey lemon sauce 58
Shrimp Falafel served with Yogurt 60-
House Bread: Served with our Fresh Homemade Dips 25-
pastry filled with sourish swiss chard 50

:Main course

Fillet of Sea Bass: Fillet, Swiss Chard, Wrapped in vine leaves. 98-
Whole fish baked in butter ,olive oil & herbs served with roasted vegetables 130
Shishbarack: Traditional Arabic dumplings served with yogurt sauce 87-
Kubeh Siniyah: Traditional Arabic Pie. 87-
Kufta: Lamb meatballs cooked with Swiss Chard and served with Couscous 85-
Lamb Shoulder slowly Stewed, served with Couscous 120-
Chicken Spring Rolls: Marinated in mild spicy yogurt 87-

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