Summer Menu


Bell Pepper &cherry tomatoes salade with basil & anchovy sauve 58
Sardine Siniyah; Fresh Sardine’s, Summer Tomatoes, and arak 60
Endive salade ,arugula,wall nuts, & figs in a honey lemon sauce 58
Shrimp Falafel served with Yogurt 60-
House Bread: Served with our Fresh Homemade Dips 25-
pastry filled with sourish swiss chard 50

:Main course

Fillet of Sea Bass: Fillet, Swiss Chard, Wrapped in vine leaves. 98-
Whole fish baked in butter ,olive oil & herbs served with roasted vegetables 130
Shishbarack: Traditional Arabic dumplings served with yogurt sauce 87-
Kubeh Siniyah: Traditional Arabic Pie. 87-
Kufta: Lamb meatballs cooked with Swiss Chard and served with Couscous 85-
Lamb Shoulder slowly Stewed, served with Couscous 120-
Chicken Spring Rolls: Marinated in mild spicy yogurt 87-

Breakfast at Majda
Morning Menu for Two
Swiss Chard Shakshouka
with Bryndza Cheese
Fattoush salad
Bulgur salad with leaves
Gravelax and Labane
Manchego cheese and Honey
Baked Cauliflower in Tahini
Joyous Mazette
Sourdough Bread
Choice Hot or Cold drinks
extra Mazette 12 nis

Morning Menu 140 nis

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